Association Description

About us

The non-profit organization Foreign Embassies Friendship Association (NPO-Japan –FEFA) aims to interact with the members of Foreign embassies in Japan and the general public, learn about the life and culture of various countries, deepen friendship, and expand it to the world. The purpose is to contribute to world peace together through mutual understanding.

The Japanese Speech Contests for foreign diplomats, as our main activity, was to respond to the strong demand of foreign diplomats in Japan for the opportunity to announce their opinions in Japanese to the general public in the winter of February 1998. It was held for the first time in the year when the Nagano Olympics was held.

The Japanese speech contest by diplomats who have various and valuable experiences is to raise our interest in various countries in the world and deepen their mutual understanding with foreign countries. Through initiating opportunities for cultural exchange, we intend to contribute to develop people with a global perspective.